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Day 5 Insight: David Okenwa, Campaign Coordinator for Mock COP

In this Insight, David Okenwa, a sustainability leader and climate justice advocate leading the charge for a sustainable future in Nigeria, speaks about his role as a Campaign Co-ordinator for Mock…

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Day 4 Insight: Evance Ouya, Youth Coordinator, RCE South Rift

Evance has been working on a range of community focused projects through RCE South Rift, which includes bringing together primary and secondary school students and community members. In this video he…

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Managing Nitrogen - Nitrogen Pollution

In this interview with Professor Mark Sutton at the UK Centre of Ecology and Hydrology (UKCEH) and Director of SANH, he will be talking about managing Nitrogen and answering some key questions around…

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Tessa Strain

Tessa Strain talks about her research work with PAHRC.

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British Council MSC in Digital Education Information Session

A session on 15 August 2023 for prospective students to the MSc in Digital Education

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Global industry overview

by Dr Louise Donnison | SEBI Livestock For "The Power of Data in Farm Animal Practice" Course website:

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Case studies on using data in sheep research

Case Study from Dr Claire Morgan Davies | SRUC Kirkton Timestamps:0:00 Intro0:28 Sm@RT: Small Ruminant Technology3:54 SusSheP: Sustainable Sheep Production in Europe5:35 Benefits of using EID tags…

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South African Open Access and Open Data (An Open Science transition driven by University library repositories) - Daisy Salematsela & Lazarus Matizirofa (Keynotes)

Join our keynotes Daisy Salematsela (Director, WITS Libraries, Johannesburg, South Africa) & Lazarus Matizirofa (University of Pretoria) as they give us a survey of the progress being made in…

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Applying intelligent open science to combat future pandemics - Lucia Loffreda, Eleanor Cox, Rob Johnson

Join Lucia Loffreda (speaker), Eleanor Cox (speaker), and Rob Johnson as they present five key lessons that can be learnt to enable preparedness for future pandemics, and Open Research/Open Science…

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Epi course 3.1 - Ecological studies

Epi course

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What can we learn in Scotland from examining the COVID recovery strategies of comparator countries?

COVID recovery strategies

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Sport, Society and International Development - Lecture

Sport, Society and International Development - Lecture

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SR course 2b - Good research questions: summary


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A great way to study - Online Student Interview

Salaviriuse is a vet from Uganda who studies the MSc in One Health online. Online as a mode of study enables Salaviriuse to continue to offer his professional expertise in his local community and to…

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Surveillance for infectious diseases - Monitoring and Evaluation (Part 2)

This is second part of lecture on M&E

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BHoM 22 - Sophie Dabo-Niang

Tuesday 04 October 2022 Black Heroes of Mathematics Conference 2022 Sophie Dabo-Niang, University of Lille - On the enlightened path of an African woman in mathematics

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