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1.1 Why Study the Internet - I&S 2020 - INTRODUCTION

Internet and Society 2021

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IDAH Week 1 Lecture 2: International development and humanitarianism: part 1

IDAH Week 1 Lecture 2: International development and humanitarianism: part 1

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M&M Podcast 25: The one where we talk to Ewan McAndrew and Clea Strathmann about knowledge equity and Wikipedia

The twenty-fifth episode (we think) of the Michael and Myles (M&M) podcast sees us talking with Ewan McAndrew (Wikimedian in Residence) and Clea Strathmann (Open data and knowledge equity…

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The Promise of Access: Technology, Inequality, & the Political Economy of Hope

This event was organised by the Digital Social Science research cluster. In conversation with Dr Kate Miltner, co-lead of the Digital Social Science research cluster, Dan Greene discusses his new…

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Racial Equity Work in the University and Beyond: The Race Equality Charter in Context

3rd June 2021 Exploring perspectives on racial inequalities in higher education, this RACE.ED event will invite local and broader reflections on the Race Equality Charter, locating it within the…

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#YaleEdin2021 Resource Session

This video discusses scholarly resources available for the study of World Christianity and Mission History. It is part of a series of videos prepared in advance of the 2021 Yale-Edinburgh Group…

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MI Interviews - Prof Barbara Prainsack

Prof Barbara Prainsack discusses her research on solidarity with Graeme Laurie of the Mason Institute. Please note: All interviews are from a personal perspective and not representing the views…

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Introduction to Special Collections (LibSmart II)

This video provides an introduction to the three main components of Special Collections: archives, manuscripts and rare books. The video explains what these terms mean, and is illustrated by examples…

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Archiving Gaps: Reading Zimbabwe and The Internet

Tinashe Mushakavanhu (Digital Scholarship Postdoctoral Fellow at IASH) discusses critical meditations on archiving gaps.Despite the ubiquity and easy access the internet promises, it has also been…

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Introduction to Learning about Curriculum Transformation from Institutions Internationally

A video introduction to a paper for the Curriculum Transformation Hub

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Making Blended Education Work Trailer

Our free short online course Making Blended Education Work explores challenges and advance blended learning practices in higher education. You'll gain an understanding of the critical dimensions…

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Delivering Research Data Management Services Trailer

Data transforms the way we live and work, so storing and organising it correctly is becoming increasingly important. On this free short online course, you’ll learn how to develop and deliver…

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Library Bitesize : Finding Theses

Learn about · How to find out about theses and dissertations written on your topic · How to view theses online, and in print

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Religious Homes as Sites of Punishment: Gender & Postcolonialism in Ireland

Dr Lynsey Black, Department of Law, Maynooth University Dr Lynsey Black spoke about her forthcoming book, which examines women, murder and punishment in independent Ireland. Focusing in particular…

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The Codification of the Constitution - Brian Christopher Jones and Elliot Bulmer

The Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law presents The Codification of the Constitution Dr Brian Christopher Jones (University of Sheffield) and Dr Elliot Bulmer (University of Dundee) …

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16th Nov: Inclusive academic entrepreneurship: identifying and overcoming barriers to commercialising research

Inclusive academic entrepreneurship: identifying and overcoming barriers to commercialising research 16th November 2020 Dr Heather Griffiths @FlexiblePhD Dr Charoula Tzanakou @ctzanakou Women in STEM…

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